chapter  14
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Managing Behaviour in the Classroom

This section is concerned with managing behaviour in the classroom. It does not pretend to offer a panacea for all the manifold challenges and difficulties that are potentially present in the modern classroom, nor does it attempt to deal with the more problematic aspects of behaviour like violence and truancy. To do so would be to swing the balance of the pages that follow in the direction of juvenile delinquency and so distort the overall picture of classroom behaviour. In any case, should these and comparable incidents arise in the course of a student teacher’s school experience, they should be referred to a senior member of staff as soon as is practically possible. What we do aim to do in this section is to offer the reader a framework for securing and maintaining the co-operation of students in classroom activities. To this end, it attempts to bring together a range of ideas, perspectives and concepts that will provide the student teacher with an operational base for achieving a positive, humane and constructive approach to management and control in the classroom.