chapter  4
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FOUR “Illegal” Literature

To attempt anything even approaching a complete analysis of anti-Nazi literature illegally circulated in the Third Reich would fill a sizeable library rather than one chapter of a book.

The collection which happened to be available to me is very far from complete, and yet it consists of nineteen huge scrapbooks of some fifty pages each, with several items on each page-items ranging from short leaflets, by way of hundreds of brochures of from ten to thirty thousand words, to a camouflaged miniature edition of the hundredthousand word Brownbook of the Hitler Terror. At a very rough estimate, the aggregate contained in that one (very far from complete) collection would be anything between thirty and thirty-five million words. As to the size of the editions in which those various miniature brochures and booklets are circulating, they vary from the few dozen copies of a primitive multigraphed leaflet to the many thousands of copies of some elaborate photostat (diminutive) book smuggled in from abroad.