chapter  8
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Clarifying the CFT approach

As is evident from the above, CFT is rooted in the science of mind and basic psychological research in contrast to, say, a special ``therapy focus''. We also take a physiotherapy approach to mental health in the sense that the manifestation of a problem may not be the source of the problem. For example, I have had a problem in my lower back. Efforts to work on my lower back were only minimally helpful. Then a practitioner noticed that I was very ¯at-footed and my knees turn inwards, which affected my hips and put pressure on muscles in my back (what a wreck!). Without touching my back, but working on my ¯at-footed problem, he resolved the back dif®culty. Sometimes psychotherapy can be like this too. If we only focus on trying to change the threat system we may fail to realize that part of the problem is in the balance of the other affect-regulation systems, and in particular the poor output from the soothing system. When that system is developed the others can settle down.