chapter  19
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Creating a safe place

A useful ®rst imagery exercise is ``creating a safe place'' where the person feels comfortable, safe, soothed and calmed; a place they might want to be. To begin with, it is useful to start by sitting comfortably and going through a soothing breathing rhythm and a short relaxation exercise. If your clients don't like the breathing exercise then just ask them to sit quietly for a few moments. All imagery of this sort should be done seriously but ``playfully'', noting ``wandering mind'' and that images are often ¯eeting and impressionistic. Keep in mind that types of imagery can be very dif®cult if people are very anxious or agitated and physical activity is usually better at those times. Here are some guides:

Guiding imagery

In this imagery we are going to try to create a place in our mindÐa place that could give you the feeling of safeness, calmness. If you are depressed those might be dif®cult feelings to generate, but the act of trying, and the sense of it being the sort of place you would like to be, is the important thing. So, remember, it is the act of trying the practice that is important, feelings may follow later.