chapter  28
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Compassion and well-being enhancing

Stimulated by Martin Seligman's concept of positive psychology on strengths and virtues (Peterson & Seligman, 2004), clinicians have become more aware that we need to help people, not just by working with their threats and problematic behaviours, but also by helping them develop well-being. This positive approach is increasingly being integrated into various therapies (Synder & Ingram, 2006). We now know that well-being is linked to a range of elements such as a sense of purpose and control in one's life, feeling that one can make a difference for others, feeling gratitude and the ability to appreciate other people and the small pleasures of life. If science continues to show that one of the most important components of well-being is the ability to love and be loved, to care and to be caring, then our psychological therapies, interventions and training will become increasingly focused on that, be this in our clinics, schools or workplaces.