chapter  6
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The publicity engendered by a star’s life beyond the screen continues to be a major factor in developing the star persona. It can be argued that the romantic comedy centres on stars whose personal lives become more relevant to their roles than seems to be the case in other genres. The romcom star tends to have a highly publicised personal life, the

tumultuous details being widely available through the media. Perhaps this is increasingly the case in our twenty-four-hour, media-intensive culture, where celebrity news commands a high premium amongst producers and audiences. Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez and Renee

Zellweger are examples of stars who have featured prominently in the gossip columns as their love lives have developed a narrative that shadows their film roles. The roles become mere commentaries on their torrid romances, as their films’ narratives are, ironically, enhanced by our

knowledge of the ‘true’ life narratives, which often seem to preclude any happy ending, giving their performances an authenticity that bridges the distance between star and audience.