chapter  2
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Research with young people

Understandings about young people’s identities and their engagements

with different places rely on the findings of research that is conducted

by academic researchers – in a range of disciplines – as well as by

researchers working in government departments, research

consultancies or the voluntary sector. In order to engage critically with

research about young people, place and identity, it is important to have

an understanding of the methodological and ethical issues that arise in

such work. This is particularly important because, although there is

much scholarship that provides engaging insights into young people’s

lives, there is also research that lacks attention to young people’s

experiences or is tokenistic with regard to young people’s voices and

perspectives. By appreciating the complexities of the different methods

and methodological issues arising in research with young people, you

will be better able to value critical and engaged research as well as

understand the limitations of research that lacks attention to the

details of young people’s lives or misrepresents their experiences and