chapter  9
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Gavin: In the first year I felt the same as the other lads, there were six

of us, real good mates and we just hung out and did stuff really, but

by the second year they started getting into lasses and I didn’t, and

that’s when the bullying started, getting called ‘puffter,’ ‘queer’ and

stuff like that, real nasty stuff. (Casey 2002: 67)

Trisha: I’ve tended to keep friends from back home, you know, you’ve

got your few select university friends that you would call friends

rather than . . . acquaintances. You know [people] you get on with,

do your group work [with], you’d go to the pub and things like that,

but regards going out at weekends and that sort of stuff it tended to

be people back home . . . friends that you’ve been friends with for

years, and you know, they’re going to be there once you’ve finished

university . . . when everyone else has gone away back home.