chapter  3
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Vakhtangov’s early theatrical infl uences: the Brothers Adelgeim

Vakhtangov’s fi rst theatrical “teachers,” according to his own admission, were the famous tragedians the Brothers Adelgeim (see Figure 3.1 ), who traveled Russian provinces in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The Adelgeim Brothers were among the most cultured and enlightened traveling tragedians of their time. They relied on the solid external technique they trained in Europe. They studied their roles carefully, and their productions were better “organized” composition-wise than those of many of their colleagues. The Adelgeim Brothers’ psychological system of training was based on careful observation and recollection of life, as well as on selfobservation. In fact, the Adelgeims’ technique was somewhat similar to Stanislavsky’s, as witnessed by some of their students (Speranskaya 1987: 79).