chapter  11
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The formation of the First Studio of the Moscow Art Theatre

The news of the Novgorod-Seversky trip reached Stanislavsky. He was delighted with the trip’s success. Moreover, he shared with his close circle the news of the young group that worked with his methods. Upon the troupe’s return to Moscow, Vakhtangov was suddenly able to realize his plans-he could test the Stanislavsky System inside the collective of young MAT peers. Vakhtangov’s diary refl ects the lightning-quick speed of this development:

August 3, 1911 K.[onstantin] S.[tanislavsky] asked me to form a group among the

Moscow Art Theatre troupe and start training them in his system. August 4, 1911 K. S. suggested that I develop training exercises. August 5, 1911 K. S. promised a space for the training, and the required fi nances.