chapter  2
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Adjectives are inflected in Danish. Both attributive and predicative adjectives change form according to the gender and number of the noun or pronoun with which they agree. The indefinite forms of the adjective are used both attri butively and predicatively, while the definite forms are only used attributively:

Indefinite Definite

Attributive varm luft den varme luft warm air the warm air

varmt vand det varme vand warm water the warm water

varme vinde de varme vinde warm winds the warm winds

en ung pige den unge pige a young girl the young girl

unge piger de unge piger young girls the young girls

et stort hus det store hus a big house the big house

store huse de store huse big houses the big houses

Predicative pigen er ung pigerne er unge the girl is young the girls are young

huset er stort husene er store


Notice that the definite declension of the adjective usually employs the front article den, det, de (see 2.4.2-2.4.4).