chapter  2
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Gentle Invasions and the Development of Civil Society in Transitional States

The Development of Civil Society in Transitional States Given the discussions in Chapter 1, it should be clear that the model I outline in this chapter is based upon the following assumptions: US and Western European foreign policy is a transmitter of values and culture, and as such, their democratization policies will seek to inculcate these values in others. Second, the role of gender in the development of civil society will also be tied to US or Western European expectations regarding the role of the individual within civil society, whether or not this may hold true in every case. Finally, hegemonic policies regarding civil society are based on these liberal ideals while also advocating for neo-liberal economic structures that privilege free market reforms and privatization of social services while limiting the possibilities for different forms of citizenship and participation, particularly for women. All three will have important effects on the attitudes and values refl ected by civil society, because they will shape the way NGOs behave within civil society. Civil society will look, act, and behave in ways that refl ect hegemonic infl uence, thereby increasing opportunities for geopolitical control.