chapter  14
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Observations and Reflections

Expenses related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are overwhelming financially-challenged systems for education, medical care, and social services. Effective programs for treatment of ASD address multiple deficit areas including communication, social interaction and affect, self-management, lifeskills, vocational skills, and academics. With increasing numbers of cidentified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) a sense of urgency has seized the public, creating both an explosion in questionable media coverage, a plethora of unsubstantiated treatments and treatment claims, and a greater commitment to scientific study. From its earliest identification in the 1940s, autism has been thought to be the result of psychological trauma rather than genetic or physical difference, perhaps due to the physical attractiveness and lack of distinctive physical impairments of children with ASD. Key factors for hiring beginning staff often include an interest in helping children and a positive attitude.