chapter  4
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Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

The most recognized name in the behavioral treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder is O. Ivar Lovaas. In the mid-1960s, Lovaas began systematically evaluating and treating children with autism spectrum disorder. Frequently behaviorists, such as B. F. Skinner, have been accused of ignoring nature and the significant impact genetics have on human behavior. The year 1968 marked the beginning of the flagship professional behavioral journal, the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA). In the first issue of JABA, Don Baer, Mont Wolf, and Todd Risley wrote the clearest articulation of the field of applied behavior analysis. Behavioral Strict emphasis is placed on observable changes in behavior, specifically those targeted for change; as opposed to verbal descriptions of changes or inferred changes. Rigorous reliability of observation helps assure that changes reported in the behavior of the participants are true changes in the participants' behavior, and not merely changes in the res.