chapter  8
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Eating disorders in sport: Justine J. Reel and Nick Galli

Christy Henrich, an Olympic gymnast hopeful, died from an eating disorder in 1992

after being told by a judge to lose weight to gain a competitive edge (Ryan, 1995).

Eating disorders yield the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder among

female adolescents (Casiero & Frishman, 2006). Individuals with eating disorders are

suffering from physical and mental health consequences, and eating disorders have

been declared a public health threat (Reel et al., 2011). Eating disorders are no longer

viewed merely as a glorified diet or a means to secure a higher score, faster time, or a

more aesthetically pleasing physique. This chapter will explore types of eating disor-

ders, athletes who experience more risk of developing eating disorders, and how a

strength and conditioning coach can help prevent eating disorders.