chapter  10
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Professional development in strength and conditioning coaches: David Tod and David Lavallee

As an applied science, strength and conditioning (S&C) has been influenced by

two knowledge sources (Fry & Newton, 2002). First, the practical knowledge

developed from the role of S&C in society. As far back as ancient Egypt,

Ireland, China, Greece and Rome, records show that strength abilities were

admired and celebrated (Fry & Newton, 2002). Many individuals since these

times have engaged in conditioning regimes to develop their athletic abilities for

entertainment, competitive, military, economic, health and display purposes.

Throughout history, people have learned from their experiences and those of

others about ways to develop physical attributes. Second, the influence science

has had on the S&C field may be traced back to the renaissance, where knowl-

edge about how the body worked began emerging (Fry & Newton, 2002).

Understanding human physiology and anatomy has paved a way for learning

how to train the body. More recently, sport and exercise science has influenced

S&C knowledge.