chapter  5
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The Living Difference project: Curriculum, progression, planning

Introduction In Chapter 4 I provided an introduction to the pedagogical process of conceptual enquiry and the structure of its methodology. This was connected, as a pedagogical strategy, to the pedagogical principles laid out in the purpose statement and attainment target provided. Together these gave us the basis for the construction of learning and teaching. In this chapter we shall attend to the detail of how to plan an effective enquiry using the methodology.Also, for the enquiry to be effective we have to attend to a further layer of planning. Whilst the methodology provides purposeful direction to the learning, the actual activity of learning requires effective tasks or activities, which we might call techniques, and appropriate content material in order to achieve the intended learning outcomes. In other words we must pay careful attention to the learning process and its progression and particular techniques for learning such as those associated with Assessment for Learning,Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS), Community of Enquiry and others.These will also be illustrated at points in the cycles presented in Chapters 6 and 7.