chapter  8
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Worldview analysis and the future of religious education

By worldview analysis I mean the need to enquire into not just the concepts that underpin particular religious worldviews, as was the subject of Chapter 7 (interpreting worldviews), but how worldviews impact on us due to the differing interpretations of concepts and how they are contextualised in world events and changes over time, and the complexity that involves; also the way in which behaviours change as a result and the way that impacts on the world and its societies.This involves understanding why the politics of the world, its values, and its conflicts and tensions arise, which may involve religious issues or other ones. For students it is about gaining a grasp on how events occur due to the changing circumstances that bring about the impact of and differing interpretations of particular ideas.This, of course, often invites interdisciplinary collaboration and demands, and extends, religious literacy.