chapter  8
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Training professionals, family carers and support staff to work problems

There is very little research evidence that examines the effectiveness of training professionals and carers in the provision of services to people with intellectual disability (ID) and mental health problems. Although training is essential for effective service provision, the need for speci®c training on mental health in relation to people with ID has only been recognised in recent years. Currently such training is only a formal requirement for psychiatrists in the UK. This recognition is the ®rst step in the process to develop training materials and to evaluate and re®ne them on the basis of the resulting evidence. This chapter re¯ects on where we are in this process. Although training materials have been developed to support effective service developments, these as yet have not been tested and re®ned through evaluation within large-scale controlled studies. Consequently this chapter begins by looking at the training currently developed and why it is especially important in the provision of effective mental health services to individuals with ID. Training initiatives for mental health professionals, family carers and support staff are outlined and the evidence available about the outcomes of staff training is reviewed. Finally, a series of recommendations are made for the delivery of training in respect to infrastructure, training materials and good practice dissemination.