chapter  4
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An Appraisal and Revision of the Constructivist Research Program: John Gastil

CONSTRUCTIVISM entered the field of communication in the 1970s andoffered a new perspective on cognitive development, social perception,and communication (Delia & Crockett, 1973; Swanson & Delia, 1976). Before the end of the decade, constructivists had studied the cognitive and communicative development ofchildren and adolescents (Delia & Clark, 1977), perspective taking (Hale & Delia, 1976), interpersonal evaluations (Delia, Crockett, Press, & O'Keefe, 1975), conversation (Delia, Clark, & Switzer, 1979), and persuasion (B. J. O'Keefe & Delia, 1979). Although individual theorists have branched in different directions, the central tenets of constructivism continued to shape research throughout the 1980s and into the present decade (e.g., Burleson & Denton, 1992; Martin, 1992; B. J. O'Keefe, 1992; Zimmerman & Applegate, 1992).