chapter  7
Communication Practices of Followers, Members, and Protégés: The Case of Upward Influence Tactics: Vincent R. Waldron
Pages 50

T HE tendencies toward decentralization, team-based organizing, anddownsizing in American industry have increased the range and po-tency of communication options available to followers and members (Gabarro & Kotter, 1993; Graen & Uhl-Bien, 1995). Downsizing and decreasing commitments to job security have elevated the importance of strategic communication as a predictor of employee success, over and above more

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I completed parts of this chapter while serving as visiting professor at the Department of Communication, University of Kentucky, and would like to thank the faculty and students of that institution for their intellectual and material support of this project. My thanks are also extended to the anonymous reviewers for their valuable suggestions.