chapter  1
"You Just Don't Have the Evidence": An Analysis of Claims and Evidence in Deborah Tannen's You Just Don't Understand: Daena J. Goldsmith and Patricia A. Fulfs
Pages 50

IN the past 20 years we have seen an explosion of interest in gender andcommunication. Several early works drew attention to the relationshipsamong gender, language, and communication (e.g., Key, 1975; Lakoff, 1975; Thorne & Henley, 1975), and a steady stream of scholarly interest in these issues has followed. Popular writings on gender and communication abound (e.g., Gray, 1993; Reardon, 1995; Schloff & Yudkin, 1993). Perhaps the best-known work on the subject is linguist Deborah Tannen's You Just Correspondence and requests for reprints: Daena J. Goldsmith, Department ofSpeech Communication, 244 Lincoln Hall, University of Illinois, 702 S. Wright Street, Urbana, IL 61801-3631; e-mail

Communication Yearbook 22, pp. 1-49

Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation (1990b; hereafter referred to as YJDU).