chapter  10
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Examining how your service is delivered in order to identify opportunities for improvement can be quite challenging. If you are to make effective improvements, you need to be clear about the areas over which you have authority and decide which staff to involve in defining, planning and implementing change. You may also want to involve service users. You need to recognise the boundary issues to be dealt with – to identify any parts of your service area that link with or overlap with other organisational or professional areas. Any change may involve crossing several boundaries between services, agencies, organisations and professions. If you work in a large and complex organisation, such as a hospital or a social services or social work department, your scope to influence elements of the pathway may be limited to your own area of work, but any changes you make will have implications for those whose services link in any way with your own area. In a small organisation – perhaps an advisory service or a small voluntary organisation – you may be able to influence the whole range of service delivery more directly. Many managers will have considerable influence over one area of work and some influence over a number of others.