chapter  10
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Assisting Students in Constructing the Final List of Colleges (12th Grade)

Remember, do not send any scores to colleges until you have finished the testing process. If you should take another test, you will have to resend scores. This can become very expensive.

Now it is your senior year and time for serious reflection and action that will help you plan your future. In your junior year (Chapter 8), you created an initial list of colleges that you researched. Hopefully, you visited some of these colleges

and thought about what kind of collegiate environment is best for you. Some factors you considered are

Size: Are you interested in a large, medium, or small college/university? ◾ Does the distance from home matter? ◾ Do you want to live on campus or commute? ◾ Majors-Refer to Table 8.1, Exercise on Majors and Careers, which you com-◾ pleted in Chapter 8. Does a college have a special program that interests you? ◾ Are you interested in a community college leading to an associate’s degree? ◾

Using Appendix C, 10 Useful Web Pages for College Research, as well as individual college Web sites, you focused your college research. By the end of the year, you constructed an initial list of colleges that you were considering. Now it is time to move toward finalizing a list of colleges to which you will apply. If you did not accomplish as much in your junior year as you wanted to achieve, it is not too late to restart the college search process. Now is the time to do it!