chapter  1
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Whence the image?

Solms says he understands that Ms. P. feels well and that she has her mind on things at home, but wonders why she thinks others brought her to the hospital. Ms. P. utters a few words revealing, signifi cantly, that she is the caregiver of others (her husband and teenaged son) and that being sick and thus cared for is not a role she wants to play. She does not want to be treated as sick :

Dr. S. : You have no symptom of any kind? [ Patient nods in agreement .]

To Solms’ further questioning, Ms. P. persists in denying that any part of her body is not working. Although willing to hear that her fi le contains information on her stroke and interested, even, in hearing the causes of

stroke, she is unwilling to hear that a blocked artery in the right side of her brain was responsible for the paralysis on her left side. Solms then demonstrates the non-functioning of her left arm by lifting it for her and letting it fall gently to her side. To his additional questions, Ms. P. simply shakes her head, shuts her eyes, and tries to sleep.