chapter  9
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Conclusion: what type of curriculum do we need? The social realist alternative

The key argument in this book is that knowledge should be at the centre of curriculum in all sectors of education – schools, further education/vocational education and training (VET) and higher education. Access to theoretical knowledge is an issue of distributional justice because society uses it to conduct its conversation about what it should be like. Society uses theoretical knowledge to think the unthinkable and the not-yet-thought, and this makes such knowledge socially powerful and endows it with the capacity to disrupt existing power relations. It plays this role because it is society’s collective representations about the social and natural worlds, and we use it to access these worlds to understand how they are constructed, their processes of development and how they can be changed. Knowledge is continually revised as we engage with the world using knowledge that others have created before us, and in that process we change it and often change the world, or some aspect of it.