chapter  9
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Curriculum integration

Even a cursory glance at contemporary proposals for curriculum reform serves to show that ideas of curriculum integration are immensely popular. Only projects restricted to reform within an existing framework of public examinations seem immune to the appeal of this notion. Yet a second glance at these proposals is enough to convince anyone that what distinguishes an ‘integrated’ curriculum from any other form of curriculum is far from clear and that the arguments on its behalf are, to say the least, elusive. In this situation, I am not convinced that a piece of standard philosophical analysis, starting with the varied use of the terms concerned, is a particularly profitable procedure in seeking to understand what might be at stake in integrating the curriculum. I shall therefore try instead, to elucidate what seem to me to be some of the major philosophical issues that are involved in forming a coherent notion of curriculum integration and thence some of the issues in arguing for or against reform in this direction.