chapter  1
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“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Who Is the Smartest, Cleverest, Cutest, and Bravest of Th em All?” Children Talk about Identity

Th e fi rst letter in this section sets the stage for children to describe their problems to one another and asking others for advice. It is written to help children understand the importance of privacy and confi dentiality and that asking for advice is respected. Th e voice of the child in the fi rst letter demonstrates insight into his predicament while yet portraying vulnerability. Th e child in the letter expresses how alone he feels with this problem, teetering on the precipice of asking for help and shutting down from the world. Th e child presents an open invitation to other children to join him. Th e letter will hopefully resonate to any child who feels like a misfi t and who yearns to belong to a group. All the letters have a boys’ version and a girls’ version. Occasionally the wording of the two versions is slightly diff erent.