chapter  7
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An Unfocused Lens: Th e ADHD Child’s Perspective

Th is next letter tries to capture the experience of children with ADHD who constantly struggles with time management and organization. Th eir distractibility and problems processing information, particularly verbal directions, is their nemesis. Th ey always feel rushed with no time to relax and to refuel an already overburdened nervous system. Th eir daily experience of life is of their parents and teachers repeatedly nagging them to get to places on time, to get dressed in the morning, to keep their room organized, and to fi nish their homework. It is an endless list of demands that swims in their already fl ooded head. It is too much for them to process at once and to execute. Th eir impulses to touch and do things that pop into their head in the moment are criticized by everyone (Brown, 2005; Levine, 2003; Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan, 2002).