chapter  2
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The restructured university: Rethinking the gendered law school

This chapter begins from a paradox. Notwithstanding the well-established nature of gender and law scholarship within legal studies, considered in relation to ideas about men and masculinity in chapter 1, relatively little is known about the connections between gender and what has been termed, in the context of recent discussion of women legal academics in the UK, the ‘private life’ of the university law school.2 Internationally, a rich theoretical and empirical body of research has been concerned with social relations between men and women inside diverse organisations involved in the teaching and study of law.3

It is understandable, perhaps, given the relatively high status, and the cultural

1 A. Oakley, ‘Foreword’ in A. Brooks and A. Mackinnon (eds), Gender and the Restructured University, Buckingham: SRHE/Open University Press, 2001, p xii.