chapter  2
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The Shang empress-fox and her feet

The way I had embarked on my quest to undertake my training at the Jung Institute, with the fervor of a pioneer and the rustic conditions I was living in, left me far more disoriented than I ever would have imagined. At some level I began longing for the comforts and solace of home. Interestingly enough, I wasn't longing for the comfortable modern living conditions I'd recently left behind, but for the familiarities of my Chinese childhood. It was in this state of mind that another example of synchronicity occurred. It happened when I'd been in Zurich for some time and, on a hike one day, discovered purely by chance an Oriental grocery store. Without hesitation, I ventured in and immediately felt at home. Just looking at the displays of soya sauce, dried produce like Chinese mushrooms, and so many different kinds of rice and noodles gave me a deep sense of comfort.