chapter  5
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Xi Wang Mu: the Queen Mother of the West

When Pearl ®rst began her journey to self-discovery through Jungian analysis, one of the ®rst things I did was to have her participate in an Association Experiment. This is a test that was devised by Jung to reveal complexes that we have but that we are unconscious of. It can also reveal how these complexes are affecting our lives and undermining our goals. Right away, Pearl's Association Experiment revealed that she had what is often referred to as an authority complex. This type of complex is often seen as being closely related to what is known as the ``father'' complex, and depending on the school of psychology the two terms may nearly be used interchangeably. The idea that many women have this type of complex ± and, as a result, spend their lives looking for love or approval ®rst from their fathers and later from other authority ®gures ± has been bandied about so much in the last two decades that the concept has almost become trite.