chapter  10
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Jade: unbinding and restoring her feet

Throughout this book we have been exploring the imagery associated with footbinding, how it can help us understand the ways we have allowed our true natures and heartfelt desires to be ``bound'' or restricted. We have also explored the ways a number of women have begun to unwind these bindings psychologically, in the process making it possible for them to reconnect with Mother Earth, the eternal Feminine, their deepest instinctual nature, and their true selves. An analysand whose story illustrates this process and summarizes many of the important points discussed throughout this work is a woman I'll call Jade. Born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong, Jade went to university in America like thousands of other Chinese students during the seventies and eighties. An outstanding student, Jade received scholarships throughout her university years, then went on to graduate school and received an MBA. Once she entered the workforce she quickly began to excel in her ®eld of specialization in banking and ®nance, and by the time she reached her thirties she was in the midst of a very successful career.