chapter  4
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Background information about your Fellow travellers 09-11. More explanation of terms in Language 226-8. The following topics have strong links with the themes in this chapter: National Occupational Standards 19; Orientation 48; Refl ection 73; Professional conduct 134; Testing values 136. This chapter makes reference to the map of Socialworkland xviii-xix. Examples of placement documents are indicated by W, and can be downloaded at:

It will be helpful for you to map your placement against the specifi c learning objectives that have been identifi ed in your Learning Agreement (24). If we can continue with our travel metaphor, you are more than a visitor to Socialworkland – you must discover how the various features of the placement landscape relate to the requirements for your learning. So, no matter how pleasant it might be to stick around in one part, you will need to be adventurous in order to cover the ground. This will mean being open to experiences that are not always within your comfort zone and that is why ‘mapping’ is important, so that you can prepare yourself and help your supervisor to prepare you. It will also help you to gauge just how much territory there is to survey so you do not fi nd yourself running out of time on placement. You will also need to relate Socialworkland to your existing experiences, perhaps to a previous placement (From placement to placement, 193).