chapter  5
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Before you begin the placement, take time to refl ect on your experience of supervision. For students with no prior experience and for whom this is the fi rst placement, ‘supervision’ might be a blank sheet. What do you think supervision will be like? How do you expect or want your supervisor

to guide you around Socialworkland? Supervisors, too, should refl ect on their own experience as supervisees. If you are a qualifi ed social worker, what are your memories of being supervised as a student and what did you value most? What are your current experiences of being supervised, as an employee in the agency where the placement is set? If you are supervising as an independent practitioner, perhaps off-site, what support needs do you have and how might they be met? Bringing all of these refl ections to the fi rst supervision session is a good way to start the important dialogue about the nature of supervision and all of your mutual hopes and expectations.