chapter  9
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Background information about your Fellow travellers 09-11. More explanation of terms in Language 226-8. The following topics have strong links with the themes in this chapter: Visa for practice learning 43; Orientation 48; Work-based placements 51; Unicorns 89; Wisdom of the group 137; Added value of students 175; Do you speak social work? 215. Examples of placement documents are indicated by W, and can be downloaded at:

There are two kinds of ‘new and experienced’ to consider. The fi rst is how new or experienced are you to social work? The second is how new or experienced are you as a student? Taking the map of Socialworkland (xviii-xix) as a starting point, you could have experience of this landscape as an unqualifi ed practitioner yet be a novice visitor. On the other hand, you could be new to this landscape but familiar with visiting – that is, experienced at study and the student role.