chapter  10
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Background information about your Fellow travellers 09-11. More explanation of terms in Language 226-8. The following topics have strong links with the themes in this chapter: Social networking 74; Practice panels 143; From placement to placement 193; Sustaining placements off the beaten track 182. Examples of placement documents are indicated by W, and can be downloaded at:

When you start your placement it is not easy to be thinking about afterwards, whether afterwards is the period between this placement and the next, or is when you begin your work as a qualifi ed practitioner. However, many of your activities during the placement will stand you in good stead for afterwards, not least your regular entries in a refl ective placement diary. More than anything else, this will help you to look back over your time on placement and – like a photograph album – it will give you a sense of what you ‘looked like’ back then. How have you and your practice changed over that period?