chapter  9
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Traditional Oral Genre in a Muslim Ilorin: Survival Challenges

It is hardly a surprise that when two strong ideas or deeply rooted cultural elements meet, each might the other, and sometimes, one of them might present a dominant impact on the other. Perhaps, the most important fear of globalization in the 21st century, for those who have consistently expressed such a fear, is that of the hegemony of one or a few western cultures (and languages) over all other cultures (and languages) around the world. It is interesting that some dominating tendencies now playing out in the global theater were confronted in smaller scales when the African people played host to new religions and new cultural forms from abroad. Yet, today, what I like to call traditional African social and cultural forms continue to face enormous challenges. Perhaps what is making this more serious for Africa in the global century is the amalgamation of different foreign forces (from the Middle East, to the far East, and to the West) as confronting forces against African traditional forms.