chapter  11
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The Sixth Commandment

The first wave of the Red Holocaust ended in the USSR, its European satellites and Mongolia in March 1953, but the slaughter in Red Asia had barely begun. The second wave swept across China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, where it finally stopped in 1985, but is still sweeping North Korea. Stalin, Mao, Kim, Ho and Pol Pot never displayed the slightest doubt about the wisdom of siege-mobilized terror-command, or expressed remorse for their crimes against humanity. The task of terminating the bloodshed fell to their liberal successors, one country at a time over the course of 32 years. Once the decision to liberalize was made (USSR 1953, China 1978, Vietnam and Laos 1985, Cambodia 1995), the mass murder abruptly stopped. It was that easy. A buzzer rang, and the Red Holocaust ceased, with no tertiary waves or eddies.1