chapter  11
Although person-centred theory is an organismic theory, not a self theory, the notion of `self' remains important
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Although person-centred theory centres on the concept of the `organism', that is the whole person comprising a number of subsystems including biochemical, physiological, perceptual, emotional, behavioural and relational systems, rather than the `self' (see Rogers 1951: 484±488; Rogers 1959: 221; BarrettLennard 1998: 74±76; Tudor and Merry 2002: 91±93), and Tudor and Merry (2002: 92) state that person-centred theory may justi®ably be considered as an organismic psychology rather than a self psychology (that is an understanding of psychology which puts self at the centre ± see Tudor and Merry 2002: 159±160), the notion of the self has importance and currency.