chapter  24
From the outset, an understanding of child development and psychotherapy with children and young people has been fundamental to the person-centred approach. Theory and practice continue to be developed and re®ned
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It is frequently assumed that person-centred theory has no position with respect to child development. This is an error. It is often forgotten that, at the start of his career, Rogers was a child psychologist and that his ®rst major publication (Rogers 1939) was The Clinical Treatment of the Problem Child. Not only that but early luminaries of the approach such as Clark Moustakas and Virginia Satir were child psychotherapists. It is reasonable to assume that the development of person-centred theory was informed by practice with children and done in the light of contemporary knowledge of child development and child psychopathology. Also, in Rogers' classic statement of client-centred theory (1959: 221±223) he considers the following aspects of personality:

· postulated characteristics of the human infant · the development of self · the need for positive regard · the development of the need for self-regard · the development of conditions of worth · the development of discrepancies in behaviour · the experience of threat and the process of defence · the process of breakdown and disorganisation · the process of reintegration · the speci®cation of functional relationships in the theory of