chapter  25
In the view of some, there are times when the integration of the necessary and sufficient conditions leads to another, 'transformational' quality known as 'presence'
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Over the years, there have been indications from some personcentred writers that there are times in the therapy session when there is a kind of peak experience, transforming both client and therapist. In his later years, Rogers (in Kirschenbaum and Henderson 1990a: 137) described this quality and named it `presence'. He wrote:

When I am at my best, as a group facilitator or a therapist, I discover another characteristic. I ®nd that when I am closest to my inner, intuitive self, when I am somehow in touch with the unknown in me, when perhaps I am in a slightly altered state of consciousness in the relationship, then whatever I do seems to be full of healing. Then simply my presence is releasing and helpful.