chapter  1
The person-centred approach is a system of ideas and attitudes in which person-centred therapy is rooted
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Although it is sometimes used somewhat imprecisely to refer to a way of doing therapy, the person-centred approach is a global term for the application of the principles derived from the work and ideas of Carl Rogers, his colleagues and successors to many ®elds of human endeavour. It is one of the most striking things about the method of psychotherapy originating with Carl Rogers ± and which has variously been referred to as `nondirective therapy', `client-centred therapy' and `person-centred therapy' ± that it, or rather the ideas underpinning it, gave rise to something described as an `approach'. This is the personcentred approach of which Wood (1996: 163) pointed out:

[It] is not a psychology, a school, a movement or many other things frequently imagined. It is merely what its name suggests, an approach. It is a psychological posture, a way of being, from which one confronts a situation.