chapter  12
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Revictimization: Experiences Related to Child, Adolescent, and Adult Sexual Trauma

Sexual revictimization, de¢ned as the experience of repeated occurrences of sexual victimization among those with a preexisting history of sexual trauma (Follette & Vijay, 2008), is serious and pervasive problem. Although there is a signi¢cant range in the victimization rates reported in the literature, many studies suggest that one out of every eight women experiences sexual victimization at some point in her life. Moreover, 67% of women with histories of sexual victimization report one or more additional experiences of sexual victimization (Cloitre, Cohen, & Koenen, 2006; Cloitre & Rosenberg, 2006). Identi¢cation of the mechanisms associated with increased risk for revictimization is crucial to the development of effective prevention and treatment protocols. Additionally, the psychological sequelae associated with revictimization may be somewhat different than what is observed in individuals with one episode of abuse.