chapter  3
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: Using EduG: The generalizability theory software

EduG is unique among other available generalizability software packages in that it was conceived specically to exploit the symmetry property of G theory. It offers ¢exibility in the choice of object of study and identication of instrumentation facets. It also provides G coefcients that are appropriate in terms of the particular sampling status of the facets involved. EduG is Windows-based, user-friendly, readily obtainable, and free (downloadable from The use of the software for carrying out a G study follows the same logic as outlined in Chapter 2. Data entry is straightforward and the Workscreen easy to use. Usage, nevertheless, presupposes familiarity on the part of the user with the terminology and basic concepts of G theory. In particular, in order to use EduG it is essential to know how to dene correctly the different designs that guide a G study analysis: that is, observation design, estimation design, and measurement design.