chapter  11
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Making good luck

By now, several programs for suicide research and intervention have been launched in China, and the most outstanding ones are the Support Groups for Women’s Health of the Rural Women, and the Center for Suicide Intervention and Prevention of the Beijing Hui Long Guan Hospital. Although their short-term work has had negligible effects on suicide rates, these programs have at least pushed Chinese society and the Chinese government towards greater awareness of the seriousness of suicide. In certain periods, I participated in the intervention program of the Rural Women. I also interviewed some central figures in the intervention program of the Hui Long Guan Hospital. Besides these two major programs, there are also others that actively intervene in suicides, as well as individuals who pursue the same goals.1 In the first half of this chapter, I will examine the achievements and problems of suicide intervention in today’s China. In the second half, I will examine the discussions of suicide by Mao Zedong and Lu Xun, two central figures in modern Chinese intellectual history.