chapter  8
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Copyright Principles, Copyright Works and Related Rights

Introduction 279

8.1 The Development of Copyright 279

8.2 Basic Principles 285

8.3 Copyright Works 290

8.4 Original Works 291

8.5 Literary Works 298

8.6 Dramatic Works 300

8.7 Musical Works 303

8.8 Artistic Works 305

8.9 Derivative Works 312

8.10 Related Rights 316

8.11 Unoriginal Databases 317

8.12 Rights for Performers in Performances 325

Copyright is a statutory property right conferred by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (CDPA) 1988. It subsists in a work, conferring exclusive rights on copyright owners for a sustained period. This period varies according to the type of work. Copyright allows its owner to exploit ideas once they have been expressed and recorded in a work, and provides the means for allocating the risks of doing so. Works are created by authors, but copyright only subsists in the UK if connection with the UK qualifies the work for protection. Copyright in a work may be exploited according to the acts permitted, by place of exploitation or for specific periods of time. It may be licensed or assigned.