chapter  9
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Critiquing Journal Articles and Preparing Manuscripts for Publication

Pediatric school psychologists frequently refer to the extant literature for information and guidance when working with individuals and their families, particularly when developing intervention strategies to address presenting concerns. These practitioners must be able to critically evaluate the research literature to aid in the selection of evidence-based strategies that will have the greatest likelihood of producing positive outcomes. One way to develop skills in critically evaluating research is to serve as a reviewer for a journal. The opportunity to engage in the review process allows for repeated practice in carefully considering manuscripts submitted for publication. This practice can ultimately result in improving one’s own skills in conducting research and successfully submitting manuscripts for publication. As stated by Brown (2004), “There seems to be an ‘art’ to the publication process, which cannot simply be taught but must be practiced over time …” (p. 3). The development of critical evaluation skills and abilities to contribute to the professional literature will ultimately result in building leaders in the fi eld of pediatric school psychology.