chapter  6
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The unforgivable

What is unforgivable? Are there deeds so awful, atrocities so appalling, as to be beyond forgiveness?

As a young man, Simon Wiesenthal was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. One day he was led by a nurse from his work crew to a room where a young SS man lay dying. On his deathbed, this SS man had come to repent his deeds. He remembered with agony an appalling atrocity in which he had participated.With others, he drove many Jews into a house in which cans of petrol had been placed. They threw grenades at the house to set it on fire. They could hear horrible screams as they saw the flames mount from floor to floor. They kept rifles ready to shoot anyone who tried to escape.The SS man told Wiesenthal of his memory of one particular family with a small dark-eyed child.