chapter  4
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Hale and the grammatical uniformity of declarative sentences

Now, while 'gambling' doesn't appear to present any difficulty in this respect, there are other 'shared' expressions that do create a problem. We have seen that an expressivist about X pursuing a force-indicator approach is forced, by the unendorsed contexts problem, to give a special account of unendorsed contexts. He or she is forced to do so because the standard account involves, in our example, treating 'if' as a truth-functional connective?O This is not open to the expressivist, because for him or her, the elements combined by 'if' aren't truthevaluable. On Blackburn's (1984) account of 'if' within moral discourse, it turned out to be a two-place nominal operator, something that combines two expressions each denoting a moral attitude, and yields an expression that also denotes such an attitude, though of a complex sort. The same goes for other connectives on Blackburn's account.21